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The Lost

Formed out of seeming thin air around a year after the 12th incident, the Lost are a cult like gang from New York, mainly centered in the Bronx. Having risen in number in the homeless community, they are the central factor in a rising rate of abductions and missing persons reports in the state. The group seems to have no structure or leader, although telepathic metahumans have reported feeling an extremely uneasy presence around them.

The Lost that have been captured have rambled about conspiracy theories, mainly centered around the existence of aliens. More disturbingly, it seems like not long after they are inducted into the Lost, they start to show signs of mutation not shown in other metahumans. Becoming malformed on top of gaining enhanced physical strength and durability, they are easily recognizable on the street. With this in mind, most seek the shelter of abandoned buildings or sewer systems. This has made it extremely hard to pin down just how many of them are in existence, and almost impossible to track down a 'home'.

Baltimore Invasion

In recent weeks, it has been discovered that The Lost have been spotted converging on Maryland, attacking people in Canton and even going so far as to brazenly attack Omega Watch. This has been in direct relation it seems to a super villain group known as 'The Theater', who although do not seem connected, are also from the same state. It is unknown why they chose to come here to cause havoc, but they have came in force.

Known Members


The man known as Bedrock is a giant, standing at almost ten feet in height and weighing almost half a ton, the man seems to have taken a unique mutation after being inducted. With a mixture of stupidity and sheer durability, he's made his way up the ranks of the Lost, and is so far one of the few people who seem to hold rank within them, trusted by whoever stands at the top to directly flagship their operations.