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"Always seek an honorable alternative to combat. However, if you must fight, do not fight honorably. Cheat like hell and win." - Unknown

Nicole Bergiere is a veteran of the US Army, 16th Military Police Brigade, 503rd MP Battalion (Airborne). After returning to her home city of Baltimore following her discharge in 2020, she was recruited by Omega Watch, quickly rising through the ranks to become Commander, and second in command under Director Eli Mason.



The specifics of Nicole's birth and parentage are not known. It is believed that Nicole was orphaned at a young age, and was turned over to the foster care system by court order at the age of five. A strong independent streak and rebellious attitude caused Nicole to bounce between foster families and group homes. These placements were interspersed with periods of living on the streets as she ran away from some of the more unpleasant homes where she was placed.

The turmoil of her childhood resulted in Nicole having difficulty making friends and forming close relationships.

Military Service

Upon aging out of the foster care system, Nicole enlisted in the US Army as a 95B Military Police soldier. Assigned to the 14th Military Police Brigade, 701st Bn B Company at Fort Leonard Wood, she distinguished herself on multiple occasions, being assigned platoon leader, and graduating as PFC.

Following graduation, Nicole was assigned to the 16th Military Police Brigade based at Fort Bragg. After earning her jump wings, she was assigned to the 503rd MP Bn, Airborne where she supported the US Army Rangers and other special forces units. She served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being deployed on missions in Europe and South America.

During BCT, Nicole was an acceptable marksman, earning Carbine and Pistol Marksman clasps. While stationed at Ft Bragg, Nicole sought out additional training from members of the 1st Special Forces Command stationed there, eventually improving her marksmanship skills until she earned the Expert clasps: Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, and Submachine Gun. Further, she shot expert on both the NBC (gas mask) and night fire marksmanship tables.

Finding herself unsatisfied with the Army Combatives Program, and the doctrine of "self defense to range" which focused on self defense as only a means to return to firearms range, Nicole supplemented her hand to hand combat skills by training at a Bujinkan dojo near the base, commonly attended by MPs and special forces members, eventually traveling to Japan to receive her black belt from Grandmaster Hatsumi himself.

While Nicole found family and fraternity from her unit, her difficulty forming and maintaining personal connections outside her unit caused her to pour the time her fellow soldiers spent socializing into additional training. When teammates might be hitting the town, she would be hitting the firing range, the gym, or sparring partners at the dojo.

Despite a distinguished service record, Nicole was noted by her command for her brutality and efficiency in targeting and eliminating enemy metas when encountered. While this did not directly impact her service, she was passed over for promotion several times. Following the military doctrine of "Up or Out" Nicole was not given the option of re-enlistment when her six year commitment ended, and was released with an honorable discharge in 2020.

Omega Watch

Following her discharge from the US Army, Nicole returned to her home town of Baltimore, where she was recruited by Omega Watch, which was looking to bolster its ranks, especially with personnel with military and law enforcement experience. Her extensive weapons and martial arts training, combined with a calm, collected but dispassionate demeanor helped her rise through the ranks quickly, being promoted to Commander and second in command of Omega Watch Baltimore in February 2021.


Nicole Bergiere is a quiet, shy but confident woman. While she typically keeps to herself, when necessary she can take command of a team or field situation with the practiced ease of a combat hardened soldier.

Powers and Abilities

Alertness - Years of combat overseas with the military, followed by repeated encounters with Metas in Baltimore have given Nicole a healthy dose of PTSD. A careful observer will often note that even when Nicole appears to be relaxing or deep in discussion with someone, her eyes are constantly scanning the immediate area for threats. She also demonstrates the heightened reflexes symptomatic of Combat Originated PTSD.

Athletics - The combination of regular gym training, a habit pounded into her from her time with the Airborne, and continuous martial arts training has combined to make Nicole a fast, nimble fighter.

Weapons - Nicole has trained in firearms alongside members of the 1st Special Forces Command. At the time of her discharge from the US Army, she maintained the following Expert qualifications: Carbine (M4), Pistol (M9A1), Rifle (M16A4), Submachine Gun (MP5).

Fists - Extensive martial arts training, between Army Combatives and Bujikan Dojo Taijitsu, have make Nicole an expert at hand to hand combat. While she continues to study at a local dojo, she also instructs fellow Omega Watch personnel as well as select civilians in martial arts.


On Duty

  • Belt
    • First aid kit
    • Plasticuffs
    • Beretta M9 9mm (15+1) with two backup mags (46 rounds total)
    • Whisper(tm) Radio System
    • Collapsible baton
    • Cell Phone (set to vibrate)
    • Drop holster with Peppershot Pistol
    • Gas mask
  • Plate Carrier
    • Dragon Skin Ceramic Plates
    • Smoke Grenades (1 green, 1 purple)
    • Bodycam, running in periodic data dump mode, by default broadcasting at five minute intervals to reduce tracking capability
  • Rifle
    • One of the following:
      • P90 PDW (50) with six backup mags (350 rounds total) 5.7x28mm depleted uranium armor piercing
      • SR-16 Carbine (30) with six backup mags (240 rounds total) NATO 5.56
    • Hybrid NV-IR.jpeg
      AN/PSQ ENVG-3 goggles and integrated rifle scope with tri mode Night Vision, IR, Telephoto, connected to helm mounted goggles via fiber optic cable, quick release at rifle sling release point.
  • In Truck
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Airburst Peppershot
      • Airburst fragmentation

Off Duty

  • Purse
    • Cell phone on vibrate
    • FN57 (21+1 aluminum core hollow point)
    • Parafin dispenser disquised as makeup compact
    • Misc. daily essentials.
  • Go bag worn or in trunk of car
    • Same gear as belt
    • BDUs, three sets
    • Body armor