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"Are you afraid of the Dark?" - Eris

Elerra Puzzio (Eris)


Age: 26

Voice: Eris from sinbad (Michelle Pfeiffer)

Elerra, formerly known as Eris Puzzio Hart, grew up with her sister Zelena and late mother Ava. Her Father she barely knew for he was arrested for sexual assault. After serving 6 years jail time, her father was later released. As soon as her father stepped into her life, her bedtime stories turned into nightmares. Eris had been rapped at the age of 7 by her own father, hidden in the basement away from the world. Her mother sacrificed Eris as his outlet to keep herself away from his domestic violence and to keep Zelena pure and free of his disgusting ways. Her father then later would bring an old cellmate over on the weekends to include him in his private events with Eris. This continued for 2 years straight. Eris, age 9 abused and broken, had enough. Filled with hatred and sorrow she managed to escape with a gun that hid in the basement with her. She managed to kill her father with his own Glock 26 right to the head. After, she had set the house on fire with all the memories she had of it. Her Mother died and burned in the fire that day. Her sister Zelena however, age 7, managed to escape in which Elerra believed her too to be dead, burned. From that day forward the name 'Eris' also died in that fire. From then on she called herself Elerra, Elerra Puzzio. From then on she was living on the streets alone, taken care of by some homeless people along the street. This lifestyle may be seen as horrible but to Elerra it was freedom. Elerra soon became of age to where her direction in life went to the route of dancing, pole dancing. By age 18 she was hired as a stripper making ends meet and going through unspeakable events. Her life never fully changed until the infamous outbreak. Gaining abilities of the dark helped her gain power physically and mentally. Not fully however, old habits never die.


Elerra is very observant and usually on the down low. She keeps many walls up depending on who she trusts or likes depends on what layer you'll see. At first glance she can be seen as kind and quiet. Second, she can be seen as flirtatious and provocative. Lastly one can see her broken core. Her damaged past haunts her in her head, as she does have a mental issue of voices that taunt her in her head. This, leading to drug addiction (cocaine, weed, molly, etc.) to neutralize the voices and self inflicted harm.

Powers and Abilities

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Sidekick type.

Powers: Umbrakinesis, Night Vision.

Skills: Agility, Poison work, and probably drinking more than you

Weakness: Physical strength, Drugs, Loved ones, Her truth  & too bright of places.

Immune to: Telepathy & Physical Torture.

Techniques Of Umbrakinesis:

  • -Materialization of Shadows (typically using it in a dagger form from either out of her body or from surroundings to a 10 meter radius)
  • -Controlling Peoples Shadow (Able to control one's movements by using their shadow, up to 4 people at once)
  • -Stealth in the shadows (cloaking visibility, slithering as a shadow herself)
  • -Sensing nearby movement when in one with the shadows up to a 20 meter radius
  • -Venom  (at her Ultimate level she can not only materialize her shadows but her final trick of the deck is using poison within her shadow, if struck of course. Poison work is her favorite and last ultimatum)


None but her shadows or whatever she can get her hands on.


Sexuality: Bisexual

Elerra doesn't have many friendships however she has made a couple friends along the way. If wanting to be her friend she's quite approachable but shy.

When it comes to love, Elerra had never found a man or woman she could truly love. Her image of human kind brought up from her lifestyle was horrid. Although, out of all people Elerra had recently fallen for Charm City's psycho killer, Anderick. As this love is still just blooming on both ends, Elerra is still getting used to the idea. They now both stand side by side causing Chaos around the city.