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Aneprex is a prescription drug made available for FREE to citizens of Charm City with medical insurance. If you do not have medical insurance, rumor has it that Olivia Mason has an underground medical clinic where she gives it away for free to people that need it. If you need the drug and do not have access to insurance, message Olivia (LucyElaine) directly to set up a time for rp.


The Science

Aneprex is able to inhibit METP05 gene product activity. This also goes for MAG (meta activating gas) activated METP05. Thus, if Aneprex is taken throughout development before puberty and then through puberty regularly, it can prevent the physiological changes and permanently nullify the potential for meta powers to appear in that individual.

If taken by an individual with the physiological changes in place, it will only prevent the expression of powers, but will be unable to permanently prevent future power generation by suppressing MAG activated METP05.

Due to the nature of Aneprex, it inhibits METP05's gene product directly, including with the conformation change made by MAG, thus acting on one product to inhibit functionality in both regards. It binds with non MAG activated METP05, preventing MAG binding. Aneprex and MAG (and the internal produced variant) degrade over time and need constant replenishment in this battle of balances.

The Pill

Aneprex must be taken daily for the user to feel the effects. The capsule is vegetarian. Overdosing on the drug could damage your stomach or intestines. If you believe you’ve taken too much of the medication, please call emergency services or Poison Control. Aneprex affects all metahumans equally. Aneprex is not safe to take during pregnancy. It’s a pregnancy category D drug, which means it can harm your pregnancy.

Side Effects


Dizziness - Alcohol could intensify this effect. Use caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery.


Dry Mouth

Other Possible Adverse Effects

Drowsiness - Alcohol could intensify this effect. Use caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery.


Skin Rash